7de Laan a tv show worth watching

Plus in completely unscripted drama, popular local television soap 7de Laanhas recently been the victim of the scam.

As outlined by an article from the show’s Facebook page, perpetrators pretending to be staff people the team have already been targeting acting hopefuls by exploiting them for money.

“Many experts have brought to our own attention that you have a syndicate conducting fraudulent activities deceiving everyone by misrepresenting themselves beeing the executive producer or many of the staff members at 7de Laan,” reads the post.

“These fraudulent activities involve fake casting/audition schedules regarding 7de Laan as well as some payments are requested related to such activities.”

The show added that they can never request money when auditions are performed.

“Must be treated that Danie Odendaal Productions (7de Laan) DOES NOT CHARGE FOR AUDITIONS.

“All auditions held by the company are arranged in the casting director and held at 7de Laan studios. In the instance of road show auditions, 7de Laan creates a public announcement on various media including social media to ask interested individuals to apply.”

They warned fans contrary to the scam and asked that they can contact 7de Laan if any confirmation on authenticity of messages received is needed.

“Being a caring and responsible soapie, 7de Laan deeply sympathises with individuals who have suffered this scam,” the post, which includes attracted above 180 reactions as well as some angry comments, reads further.

They added likely working close with law enforcement to nab those responsible.